Of Stars and Chasms: Arthouse1, London

31 January - 24 February 2019

Of Stars and Chasms brings together work by artists Hannah Luxton and Julie F Hill in an exhibition that explores contemporary notions of the sublime: the human capacity of feeling when presented with the vastness, obscurity and the terror of the unknown, subsumed into awe when seen from the safe distance of the viewer's perspective.

Through photography, painting and sculpture, the artists explore the sublime's origins in 18th Century Romanticism to its contemporary manifestations in the technological and scientific. Specifically, they locate it in the unknowns of astronomical and geological deep space and time, from the darkness of interstellar space, punctuated with craggy mountains of cold gas and dust, to pitch dark ice caves, otherworldly glacial plains and the depths of earth's molten chasms. Together their works open an imaginative engagement with scales and orders beyond the human.

Installation Views